Chingford, East London, E4

Type of Conversion:

L-shaped Mansard – 2 bed, 1 bath

 Duration of Build:

11 weeks


Our clients, a young professional couple, wanted to carve out extra room and optimise their flat’s value with a sizeable loft conversion in their Chingford home. They were keen to maintain the property’s elegant, traditional appearance across the design and build.

Elegant loft conversion master bedroom with bespoke built in wardrobes. L shaped mansard in Chingford, E4, East London

"The addition of a Mansard loft conversion increased the size of the original flat dramatically, giving our clients two double bedrooms and a generous bathroom."

Absolute Lofts Project Manager

Impressive master bedroom with built in storage and Velux windows. L shaped mansard loft conversion. Absolute Lofts now in Chingford, East London


To optimise space at the top of this handsome East London house, our expert team created an L-shaped Mansard loft conversion. A Mansard has two advantages, first, because it is built to the rear of the property, it doesn’t affect the home’s kerb appeal. And second, as one of the largest loft extensions, it creates masses of extra space.

A further benefit is that it has a horizontal roof, creating attractive high ceilings.

The final conversion more than doubled the size of our client’s original flat. The refurbishment essentially added a new upper floor, comprising two bedrooms – a master and a double bedroom – and a new bathroom.

Although the extension was recent, we took care to maintain the home’s period aesthetic. This included installing a new loft staircase that replicated a Victorian stairway, complete with traditional stair parts, and turned newel posts.

Light, Elegant Loft Rooms  

Our clients wanted a light, elegant look for their new loft rooms. The two bedrooms let in copious amounts of daylight. As well as a skylight, the master bedroom has eye-catching French doors framed by a Juliet balcony.

The bathroom, leading from the main bedroom, also has its own skylight, ensuring plenty of natural light.

With all our conversions, we try to ensure the home’s original charm runs through the new space. Bespoke joinery is a fantastic way to re-create original features in a newly built extension.

Details such as the custom-built shaker wardrobes and wood panelling in the bathroom inject warmth and character.

Our client’s furniture also complements the period setting. Antique style pieces, such as the French inspired bed and boudoir chair, add vintage charm.

Blended Loft Exterior

We finished the Mansard exterior with Eternit slate tiles. These durable, watertight tiles give the extension an ultra-smooth, uniform facade. As well as blending with other rooftops, they merge with the existing tiles, ensuring the loft conversion is discreet and unobtrusive.

A loft conversion is a cost-effective way to add value and maximise space, for loft conversion ideas click here. 

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Beautiful guest bedroom with antique style pieces, part of a loft conversion in Chingford E4

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Spacious loft conversion in Chingford East London, with a large guest bedroom in calming tones.

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