Loft Conversion, East London, Leytonstone, E11

Type of Loft Conversion:
Rear Dormer Loft Conversion
East London, Leytonstone, E11

Rear Dormer Loft Conversion: Victorian House in East London

One of our clients from Leytonstone, East London wanted to convert their loft as they had a new baby on the way. They had a beautiful Victorian terrace and were reluctant to move as they were very happy in their house, but needed the extra space a loft conversion would provide for their new arrival.

They also didn’t want the hassle of going through the planning process of an extension and wanted a quick efficient turn-around with the job. As they already had two children, we needed to make sure that there was minimal disruption to the house whilst the loft was converted.

Type of Loft Conversion: Rear Dormer Loft Conversion

We recommended a rear dormer loft conversion. They wanted their loft conversion to be in-keeping with the rest of the other typical East London, Victorian houses. We felt that having a rear dormer would look far less invasive and would keep the uniform appearance at the front of the property.


The client wanted to convert the loft into two new bedrooms and a shower room. This involved us also adding to the existing staircase.

Special Requirements:

The job went very smoothly and the client was extremely happy. Our team of craftsmen made sure that the new staircase was in-keeping with the existing Victorian banisters. We also sourced and fitted windows that looked the same as the existing sash windows.

We advised our client on the party wall act, as this was something they were unfamiliar with.


We estimated that the job would be completed within 12 weeks.

Client comments:

“I approached Absolute Lofts, as my third baby was due in 5 months and I knew we either had to move, extend or convert the loft! I didn’t want to move from East London, as my children are at school in Leytonstone. The Loft Conversion was by far the easiest and cheapest option. Even though I was concerned that I would have the baby before the loft conversion was completed, Absolute Lofts assured me that they would have all works done in time.

All the workmen were really tidy efficient and turned up to do the work every day. All work was completed 4 weeks before my due date! Baby Abigail came 2 weeks late and is very happy in her new nursery.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Absolute lofts. My loft conversion was very straight forward and finished on time.”

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