Loft Conversion, South West London, Wandsworth, SW17

Type of Loft Conversion:

L Shaped Mansard
South West London, Wandsworth, SW17

L Shaped Mansard Loft Conversion: Victorian House in South West London Wandsworth SW17

Clients recently bought this house in South West London prior to getting married, as they wanted to get all building work and improvements to increase the value of their property carried out before starting a family. They were particularly interested in a loft conversion because of the increased space and return on investment. We applied for planning permission, which took approximately 8 weeks, and on approval we commenced work on the loft conversion, which coincided with their wedding and honeymoon.

Type of Loft Conversion: L Shaped Mansard Loft Conversion

We recommended an L shaped mansard loft conversion as planning permission was needed, and as planners prefer mansards more than dormers meaning you can actually get a larger loft that it is more aesthetically pleasing. A mansard loft conversion was also more in-keeping with the surrounding structures.


The client wanted a large bedroom and a large en-suite.

Special Requirements:

As the client did not want carpets, we provided a custom-built hardwood staircase enabling them to be stained and polished.


We estimated the job would take approximately 2 months.

Client comments:

“I wanted to write to say what a fantastic job Absolute Lofts did on our loft. He and the team were very polite and respectful throughout the job. They left the house in as clean a state as possible every evening, having swept, mopped and hovered which was very impressive and unexpected!.

Absolute Lofts went out of his way to make the finish to the loft the best it could possibly be. If that meant that something was going to take slightly longer it didn’t matter, he was more concerned with making the loft look as good as possible. We had a couple of set backs through no fault of the team, but they were always quick to sort them out and it was never a hassle or problem.

He came to us with every query rather than just making decisions on his own and going ahead with what he thought was best. They did a fantastic job and I couldn’t praise them more highly. I would definitely recommend Absolute Lofts and the team to anyone interested in having a loft done.

Thank you again we are very happy with our new loft.”

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