Loft Conversion, South West London, Battersea, SW8

L shaped mansard loft conversion

Type of Property: Maisonette, one bedroom and one bathroom

This project required particular specifications in order to meet the needs of our clients. As a young couple looking to begin a family, this small one bedroom property was simply not big enough, and being unable to afford a larger home, they looked into investing in their current property to make it work for them.

The couple’s home was located between Battersea and Clapham Town and was thus constituted as a Conservation Area. In order to achieve what was needed for the project, planning permission was required from Wandsworth Borough Council to expand the property to a final three-bedroom and two bathroom home.

Once planning permission was granted, we began working on a L Shaped Mansard loft conversion, this gave us the opportunity to build a split-level conversion, meaning even more space could be utilised and offered a much more airy, spacious feel to the home.  With the addition of a large overhead skylight, natural light poured into the conversion making it a wonderful wide open space.

Mansard bedroom loft conversion ideas

Mansard bathroom loft conversion ideas