Extra Costs to Budget for with a Loft Conversion

After budgeting the initial construction costs of a loft conversion, there are a number of other costs you should be aware of as you may also need to budget for these as well.

Building Control Fee – £750 + VAT

The Building Control Fees are charged when plans are submitted to the Building Control Company. They will check over the working drawings and check the structural calculations and design. Once the work commences they visit the property throughout the build at key points. Once the structure is built, when the insulation has been installed, the staircase has been installed to name a few. When the Job is completed they visit the property a do what is known as a final inspection and, if everything meets their requirements, a Final Certificate is issued for your records. The fee is paid by the client directly to the nominated Building Control Company.

Planning Permission Planning Fee – £270

On some occasions, Planning permission might be required for a loft conversion. It is not normally required for loft conversions in houses, however, if the roof needs to be extended and it exceeds the specified limits and conditions, or the property is within a conservation area. it will be required. In which case, a planning fee will need to be paid to the local authority.

Certificate of Lawfulness – £167

Though a Certificate of Lawfulness is not a legal requirement, it is highly recommended that all customers getting a loft conversion consider getting one. It provides the necessary evidence to show that the work carried out to build the loft conversion is completely lawful.

In the case that the property is being sold/bought, the Certificate of Lawfulness can be presented as a very useful document, in order to show the solicitors representing purchasers that the work carried out is lawful, therefore, also assisting with the sale.

They may also come in useful if a neighbour has an enquiry or complaint about the work that has been carried out on the loft conversion.

Party Wall Surveyor

A Party Wall Surveyor is an individual specialising in resolving disputes that come under the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

Their role is to resolve any differences between neighbours when any construction work has been proposed to take place on a party wall for a loft conversion and within a certain distance from a neighbours property for a ground floor extension. The surveyor (if one individual is representing both parties) or surveyors (when each party has appointed their own surveyor) will resolve any disputes by making a legally binding Award on both parties. The owner of the property having the loft conversion is responsible for the costs of the party wall surveyor(s).

Design Costs

Not included in the price of the loft conversion is the new bathroom suite, though the fitting of the suite is covered as part of the package price. Therefore, the bathroom fittings will have to be budgeted for, as well as the wall/floor tiles and shower screen.

Decoration and the fitting of new flooring are also aspects of a loft conversion that need to be considered when it comes to budgeting.

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