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The Disruption of a Loft Conversion

During the process of having a loft conversion, there is often the worry of it causing lots of disruption. There should be a little disruption expected, as there is with any construction project, however, we always like to prepare our customers so they know when they can expect this.

Builders will be on-site daily, but the first half of the loft conversion will take place outside with builders accessing the property via scaffolding. This means that the house will not typically be disturbed internally until it comes to the second part of the project when the new staircase needs to be installed. (more…)

Extra Costs to Budget for with a Loft Conversion

After budgeting the initial construction costs of a loft conversion, there are a number of other costs you should be aware of as you may also need to budget for these as well.

Building Control Fee – £650 + VAT

The Building Control Fees are charged when plans are submitted to the Building Control Company. They will check over the working drawings and check the structural calculations and design. Once the work commences they visit the property throughout the build at key points. Once the structure is built, when the insulation has been installed, the staircase has been installed to name a few. When the Job is completed they visit the property a do what is known as a final inspection and, if everything meets their requirements, a Final Certificate is issued for your records. The fee is paid by the client directly to the nominated Building Control Company. (more…)

Certificate of Lawfulness for a Loft Conversion

If you are considering having work done to your house, such as a loft conversion, there is specific documentation you can apply for that can prove any pre-existing/proposed development has been done lawfully. This is where a Certificate of Lawfulness comes in. (more…)

Are Modular Lofts Better Than Traditional Loft Conversions?

As a cost-effective way to increase living space and add value to a house, many people are choosing to convert their loft area. It can add up to 20% to the value of a property if done properly, so you can understand why many families are choosing to go down this route to create more room and add value to their home.

One of the first considerations to make when choosing to convert your loft space would be to decide on what type of loft conversion would be best suited for the project. With both modular lofts and traditional lofts being two options for a loft conversion, there are a few considerations to make. (more…)

Lowering ceilings to acheive a Loft Conversion

When considering having a loft conversion to your home, the first thing to establish is if the existing height within your roof is tall enough. The general rule of thumb measurement is 2.2m from the top of the existing joists to the underside of the ridge (the point in the middle). (more…)

GRP Roofing vs Three Layer Felt System

The majority of all loft conversions will have a flat roof constructed to them. The covering which makes them water tight can be achieved using various products, with 2 standing out as the industries norm. The first being a 3 layer felt systems and second GRP (glass reinforced plastic). (more…)

Wooden Windows & Doors VS UPVC

This is a common question asked when placing an order for a loft conversion. We can only share our many years of experience on the use of both these products. Whilst wooden French doors may look more in keeping with your house, they have fundamental flaws which do not lend themselves to being a good choice for a loft conversion. (more…)

Federation of Master Builders

An exciting new tool that FMB have incorporated into their online database has enabled company’s to convey their FMB certification to customers.

This will not only allow our loft conversion company to demonstrate our high standard craftsmanship, but will also give you peace of mind in that you are workmen who are recognised for their ability.

To see our certification simply click the link below.

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