The Disruption of a Loft Conversion

During the process of having a loft conversion, there is often the worry of it causing lots of disruption. There should be a little disruption expected, as there is with any construction project, however, we always like to prepare our customers so they know when they can expect this.

Builders will be on-site daily, but the first half of the loft conversion will take place outside with builders accessing the property via scaffolding. This means that the house will not typically be disturbed internally until it comes to the second part of the project when the new staircase needs to be installed.

At this stage of the project, builders will need to access the inside of the house so that they are able to fit the new staircase. More often than not, this is the ‘messiest’ part of the loft conversion project. It typically takes between 1-2 days to be installed, and will also require some plasterwork to be completed. To minimise disruption caused, our builders will always take care in ensuring that the site is cleaned on a daily basis before they leave to make sure that dust levels are kept to a minimum.

The only time customers should expect a higher level of disruption is when the ceilings on the first floor need to be lowered in order to get the necessary headroom in the new loft room. The ceilings will not need to be lowered on all loft conversion projects, and will entirely depend on the height of the existing ceiling in your property. Lowering the ceiling usually takes place within the first two weeks of the project, however, for more information on this please see the section below.

We will always be transparent and upfront, so that our customers are aware of the disruption they should expect while their loft conversion takes place. Communication throughout the project is key to ensure that the project is kept as stress-free as possible.

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