Loft Conversion, North West London, Dollis Hill, NW2

Type of Loft Conversion:
L Shaped Dormer in Terraced House
North West London, Dollis Hill, NW2

‘L’ Shaped Dormer Loft Conversion: Terraced House in North West London, Dollis Hill, NW2

The client’s children were returning from university and so they required additional space within their home. Due to the children’s term time approaching its end Absolute Lofts ensured work began immediately.

Type of Loft Conversion: L Shaped Dormer Loft Conversion

Due to the substantial work that would be required to construct a Mansard or Hip to Gable loft conversion, a Dormer was the most suitable course of action due to the present time restraints of the children finishing university and the external space available within a North West London house. Thereby an ‘L’ Shaped Dormer would grant the most space available within the quickest time.


The work had to be completed as soon as possible due as the loft conversion would be transformed into new living space for the family.

Special Requirements:

Our client was significantly environmentally conscious and requested that as their home was located in North West London, they do as much as possible to deter their carbon footprint. Things such as bamboo flooring, roof solar panels and other materials were used from Green Stores to ensure a high eco-friendly conversion.


Absolute Lofts completed the project within approximately 12 weeks.

Client’s Comments:

“We were very conscious that our specific environmentally friendly requirements would be difficult to do, however Absolute Lofts made no fuss and were more than happy to help us with our needs.

The loft conversion came along great and was even finished ahead of schedule for the kids to come back from university with their new rooms done.”

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